Just Talk

Stressed? Lonely? Sad?

Just Talk is a multiplayer game where people can share their problems in an open safe environment with professionals – here they can just talk

Let’s make it easier to talk with others

Stress and loneliness are the nr 1 health concern among young adults especially students and getting help can be difficult and expensive. WHO says 20% of all young people will experience mental health problems. 

We are building a platform that brings a solution to the problem where young people are – in the gaming world. 

Instead of paying thousands to professionals they can join a cheap monthly subscription and have unlimited help. 

Target audience:


10-12% of young people between 16 og 29 years feels lonely


20% of adolescents may experience a mental health problem in any given year


25 % of Students in Denmark will at some drop out of their education – 50% says its because of loneliness 

FN’s Global Goals nr 3.

I Denmark 1 out of 16 feels lonely and the number is rising. From 2010 5,6% was lonely and in 2017 6,3% was lonely which resulted in 2200 deaths because of loneliness. 
We support world target Nr 3. that promotes mental health. We do that through fun meetings, sports, exercise, hobbies  

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