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Friendships are made through fun and play

Let’s make it easier to make or join fun activities

Sådan startede funcloud

During my semester living in Taiwan, I was looking for a biking community as I was training for La Marmotte (an annual, one-day cyclosportive event in France for amateur cyclists). Unfortunately, I could not find any on social media and did not want to start one as I was leaving in 3 months. Finally, I found one and we ended up biking Taiwan’s highest mountain and a friendship was made. But since then, I did not find a biking community again, so I was alone in many of my trips.

I tried to find other clubs and found out how difficult it is to find and get in touch with clubs. Therefore, the idea came up: Why not have a place that brings together sports and activities where people could easily access clubs, groups, sports, and more activities all in one package.

We bring people together through:




Target audience:


10-12% of young people between 16 og 29 years feels lonely


60 % of all danish people do sports – we are aiming for the 40% 


25 % of Students in Denmark will at some point drop out of their education – 50% says its because of loneliness 

FN’s Global Goals nr 3.

In Denmark 1 out of 16 feels lonely, and the number is rising. From 2010, 5,6% felt lonely and in 2017 6,3% felt lonely which resulted in 2200 deaths because of loneliness. 
We support world target Nr 3. that promotes mental health. We do that through fun meetings, sports, exercise, and hobbies  

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